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Oh heavens, why on earth did I follow that blog?

Wise words. We are all too busy to read everything that comes our way.

Mick Canning


Every now and again I get unfollowed. And every now and again I unfollow a blog. Is it a big deal? Should it be a big deal?

At first, it can seem hurtful to find that someone has unfollowed you on any sort of social media, but really it shouldn’t be. Somehow, I find that I now follow a huge number of blogs, most of which I love, and I do wish I had more time available to read them more fully and comment on them, but I don’t. This means that every now and again I sacrifice one for the common good.

But, never without good reason.

First up, one thing that does irritate me, is when I visit and read a blog, leave a response – sometimes a quite lengthy one – and never receive any sort of reply. One blog that I initially followed was like this…

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4 Responses to “Oh heavens, why on earth did I follow that blog?”

  1. dm yates

    I’ve learned that some people follow your blog so you’ll follow theirs, then they unfollow. Now, I only follow blogs that I enjoy reading – like yours.

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    • stuartaken

      Yes, there are people like that all over the web: happens with Twitter and other social networks, too. Like you, DM, I unfollow those who unfollow me: I’m not into ‘revenge’, but neither am I happy to support those who are merely seeking numbers. Following is, for me, an indication of interest in the item/post/creator, not simply a means of increasing numbers.



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