Progress on the WIP: SciFi in the Making.

Pic of Mars via NASA.


Another week gone, and the MS stands at 91,987 words, which is a cut of 4340 from last week’s total. It’ll reduce a little further as the rest of the piece is edited.

I’ve now edited 64,687 words, which is an increase of 30,902 on last week. And my beta reader’s dealt with 45,469 words, finding repetitions, typos, inconsistencies and misconstrued phrases, which I’ve corrected on the hoof.

The story continues to go well and I’m pleased with the improvements this edit has produced. With luck and continued application to the task, I hope to have the rest of the MS edited to this stage by next weekend. That’ll leave just the final read through aloud from print before I send the MS off to my publisher with hopes he likes it enough to get it out to my readers!

Of course, the depth of concentration over these few weeks means I’m less able to read other work: hours spent selecting exactly the right words and phrases tends to leave you with less energy, time and passion for other works of fiction. So, no book reviews for the moment. But I’m still reading, just rather more slowly than usual.

To those of you who also write, I wish you well with your projects and hope they’re going according to plan. To my readers, I hope to have this book available some time before Xmas. Patience, please. It’ll be worth the wait!

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    1. It certainly can when you’re a pantster like me, DM. But I enjoy it as part of the creative process. And it’s a real disservice to readers not to get the work in the best possible state, so it’s worth the effort.


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