Progress on the WIP: SciFi in the Making.

Mars PhoenixLander_1024-768

This week I’ve reached 83,803 words in the second rewrite, so another 18,231 words processed this week, and 12,049 new words added to the original story. I was hoping to start on the next phase at the end of this week, but I felt the story needed some additional povs, so I’ve included some passages as seen through the eyes of a couple more protagonists and a couple of antagonists. It’s increased tension and made the story more rounded and complete. I have another couple of thousand words to add to that part of the rewrite and then I’ll be able to start on the more nit-picking aspects. It’s at that stage, when I’ve fine-tuned the narrator’s voice and selected the optimum words for each sentence, that I pass the piece, chapter by chapter, over to my initial beta reader. Valerie, my wife, has an excellent memory, which helps keep me on track with events, and a brilliant working knowledge of the nuts and bolts of English, so she picks up those odd errors that have slipped past my own scrutiny.

If you’re a writer, I hope you’re having similar success. If you’re a reader, I hope I’m teasing your interest in the book. Let me know.