Progress on the WIP: SciFi in the Making.

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This week’s progress report reveals I’m now 71847 words into the first rewrite, which takes me 8302 words further than last week, most of this is new work, as the story needed revision due to research. In fact, I’m now writing the final chapter of the current version. However, I was struck by an idea just as I was falling asleep last night and noted it in my bedside notebook. That means I need to make some additional changes to the denouement and the actual end of the story that will really increase tension and engagement. So, a little more of the ‘creative’ work to be completed before I start on the proper edit.

One of the slight disadvantages of writing as a pantster is that the first edit is really much more a rewrite, and the story, guided by the characters, can take unexpected turns and twists. It makes the creation phase of writing much more interesting, but can result in more work to complete the story. Still, I enjoy all aspects of writing, so it’s not really a problem for me.

Hopefully, if you’re a writer, you’re having similar success: I hope so, anyway. Let me know.

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