Progress on the WIP

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12 days since I last gave you an update on the scifi novel I’m currently writing. I’ve been quite busy on a number of things, both domestic and in the writing arena since. Suffice it to say that progress hasn’t been as rapid as I’d hoped. But I’m not beating myself up over that: life is for living, and I’ve no set target other than to get the book completed and placed with my publisher once it’s ready.

I’m currently 26,844 words into the rewrite, which is 17,535 more than when I last reported progress. 2,470 of those are additional words, and much of the writing has had to be modified, deleted, or added to because of things I learned in my research that altered my original plans for the story. I believe it’s greatly improved the pace, content and engagement in the book. Of course, the final result will really be what determines how successful I am with the rewrite.

Had a spell of panic this afternoon: I’m working with Scrivener on my Mac, a program I’m still learning. I like the way it works, but, as with all these things, it has its faults. Today, for reasons I still don’t understand, I appeared to have lost all the afternoon’s work at one point. All I thought I’d done was to check on a term I was using to make sure it was included in my research section. When I returned to the chapter I was working on, it seemed to have reverted to a previous version, which excluded all of today’s work. Agh!

After an extensive search, a desperate venture into the ‘Help’ area without success, and a longish series of expletives that did nothing to resolve the issue but helped my mood significantly, I suddenly discovered the problem. For some inexplicable reason, the new chapter had swapped places with the original chapter, so that the current one had taken up residence in the file for old chapters and the old one had replaced it in the current work. No idea how. But, once discovered, it was a simple job to put both back where they belonged. A waste of some time, but the result was at least positive!

Technology: it sometimes seems to have a mind of its own.

So, that’s the current situation. I’ll try to bring you up to date a little sooner next time.

6 thoughts on “Progress on the WIP

    1. Scrivener is different from many word processing applications, DM, in that it saves as you go along, so you’re unlikely to actually lose anything. My problem was that I simply couldn’t find the chapter on which I’d been working. And Scrivener has some very specific tools and many different views and other bells and whistles that i haven’t yet explored. I think I must’ve inadvertently clicked on some button or other. The thought that i’d lost over 2,000 new words of text was a little daunting and frustrating. I actually discovered the solution almost by accident. At least in future I’ll know where to look first if it should happen again!
      Re saving: all my docs are automatically saved to iCloud as well as to a separate hard drive, ever since I lost a whole load of documents when an old PC crashed some years ago. Now, that was a real problem. Fortunately, at that time, I was in the habit of printing out everything, so I at least had a hard copy.

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