Name a Character in my New Novel.

Mars galelayers_835
Photo of Mars via NASA royalty free images.

Characters are fundamental to my stories, as readers will know. I’m in the initial stages of writing a new science fiction novel, set on Mars. For a while, I’ve been beset by a mysterious barrier to getting on with the story. Lots of preparation, research, and reading round essential topics of interest. And I have my cast of characters, complete in all details, except for one. More of that in a moment.In the early hours, I awoke to a ‘light bulb’ moment. I’d fallen asleep wondering what was missing, why I couldn’t quite get started. That wakeful moment solved the problem: I had no definite ending.

I had a vague idea of how it might end, but it was too nebulous to provide a suitable hook for the beginning. This morning, that idea arrived in a single sentence, which I hurriedly jotted down in one of the numerous notebooks I keep about the house for such eventualities.

Before breakfast, I added that initial sentence, modified by consideration and full wakefulness, to the first chapter. I’m now well into the book with around 7,000 words down on ‘paper’.

And that first sentence? Sorry, you’ll have to wait for the book.

So, back to the names. I have characters for whom I need first names. At present they’re referred to by nationality and a number. What I’d like from my readers are names for these characters, so I can alter their labels from those impersonal numbers.

I need female names for a Brit, German, American, Chinese and Indian. And a male name for an Indian. They’re all well-educated individuals, bright and capable, and mostly working in the space industry towards the beginning of the next century. There are logical and valid reasons why I need more female than male names (apart from the fact that I already have several named characters involved). I won’t explain those reasons: you’ll have to wait for the book.

So, how about it? Use the comments space below. Please identify the nationality and sex of your suggestion. And, should you need inspiration, by all means access my list of over 10k first names, which you’ll find here. If I choose a name you’ve suggested, you’ll be mentioned in the acknowledgements, so let me know who you are, please. If you’re shy about giving your real name here, by all means email me here instead.

And, thank you.

19 thoughts on “Name a Character in my New Novel.

  1. Trike

    Indian female – Kalpana (STS Columbia)
    Brit female – Imogene
    American female – Christa (STS Challenger)
    Chinese female – Yang (first female taikonaut, Liu Yang)
    German female – Brigitte (actress in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis who played Maria the robot)

    Indian male – Rakesh (first Indian in space, Soyuz cosmonaut)

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  2. Hi Stuart,

    I saw your name request on Goodreads and have a fun suggestion for a name:
    Sarm; it’s rather androgynous, and could fit for a multi-national background.
    Also, spelled another way it’s Mars, which would tie in with your story!

    The best of luck with your novel,

    Jennifer Girardin

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  3. Doren

    German Suggestions: Jarvinia (keen intelligence); Alarice (all ruler); Liusadh (warrior maiden); Clarimonde (brilliant protectress)

    Chinese Suggestions: Jiang (river); Lei (thunderous); Rong (thriving); Ying (intelligent, clever)

    Indian Suggestions: Anupama (Unequaled); Manisha (wise); Kamini (worthy)

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  4. This is not going to be that helpful! But you know how sometimes movie character/celebrity names become popular? I wonder if the names Katniss, Peeta and Effie will be popular! Maybe Kanye or Taylor! Ha! Like I said, not helpful… 😀

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    1. Thanks, Dr. Meg. Added to my file for possible future use. With the spread of international names, encouraged by the movie industry, you just never know…


    1. A right pair of baddies, Mick. And they may even be remembered as such in the year 2106, when the novel starts! But I already have my baddies, thanks. Mind you, I might use this double act for some other satirical project!

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