Another 5* Review for The Methuselah Strain!


Had to share this: another reader has added a 5 star review to those slowly accumulating for my science fiction novella. It’s really rewarding when a reader shares well-considered thoughts on your work as an author. Many thanks to the reviewer.

Longing For Simpler Times, 1 Jan. 2016


Amazon Customer

This review is from: The Methuselah Strain (Kindle Edition)

Curious mixture of Asimov’s I Robot, Huxley’s Brave New World, and Lem’s Solaris all gelled in a short novelette. Carefully crafted and beautifully written. To add spice to the punch bowl, imagine a touch of Henry Fielding’s self-conscious author invading science fiction and you have a picture of Aken’s The Methuselah Strain. Well worth the read. Pick it up.


If you’d like to give my book a try, here are the buying links for a copy direct from the publisher: The Methuselah Strain (Hardback) The Methuselah Strain (eBook)  Or, for those who want to use Amazon from anywhere in the world.

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