Scent of the Boggel-Mann, by Linda Acaster, Reviewed.

scent of the boggel

Phew! I picked this up to read with my morning cuppa and couldn’t put it down! I’m glad I didn’t read it last thing at night: nightmares!

Linda Acaster is a talented writer with a fertile imagination, which she puts to great use in this horror story. The tension builds from the outset, with small clues about the nature of a purchase acquired at auction. As the tale progresses, the hints about coming catastrophe are overtaken by events.

As always, the author’s cast of players is well drawn and brings forth real human beings from the page. These are people we all know, and we can believe in them and their everyday issues and problems. Settings are sketched in enough detail to place the reader in the places described without halting or disturbing the pace of the story.

And the action that builds to the final horror is all the more credible because the elements of the story are so well organised and structured.

This is a page-turner. Give yourself a good half hour before you start. And make sure you’re not alone (unless you like being spooked when on your own in that isolated room, of course!). It’s a great short read and one I thoroughly enjoyed.