Featured in a New Anthology.

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A short while ago, I entered a short story into a contest. As usual, I then forgot all about it. A few days ago, I received an email to tell me my story, whilst not a winner, had been shortlisted and was to feature along with 25 others. It’s a collection of humorous stories written by different authors in a wide variety of styles. I intend to review it when I’ve read the paperback, which arrived earlier today. It promises to be a good read.

The book, To Hull and Back, was released on Hulloween this year and is available in print and digital form. Follow this link for full details. There will be a launch party later on; 21 November, in Bristol. Details are on this link.

8 thoughts on “Featured in a New Anthology.

  1. Congratulations, Stuart. Great to hear.

    ‘To Hull and Back’ – I love the fact that the launch is taking place in Bristol. Is this where you all don black leathers and fight over a motorcycle?


    1. Not all of us, Linda. But the contest runner, Chris, will do just that and take the winning book to Hull and back on his bike and video the event. Mad; eccentric, but, hey, it conjures interest!


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