Running and Writing for ME/CFS no. 33

The old railway track along which I run.
The old railway track along which I run.


Completed all three runs this week. The first on Wednesday was a fifteen-minute easy run, which found me trotting along the usual disused railway track through the forest. The sun shone, dappling the ground, and the spring birds were full of song. A lovely run, covering a little more distance than previously. Friday saw a repeat performance, though the weather was a little less pleasant. I met a lady walking her dog, a rather ugly bull terrier, which she put back on the leash whilst I passed. She told me the dog would want to follow me but wasn’t vicious. I thanked her and trotted by. Sunday was a short ten minutes through the village. The uphill start is getting less like hard work as my fitness improves and the downhill trot through the rough track is easy. I made it well past the post office and car park this time and then had the return run up the slow hill, past the village hall, surgery and the local garage before tackling the more serious climb to the house. Did the whole run in thirty seconds less than the programmed time, so improvement there.


At last, I have a suitable cover for the book. I’d tried several of my own designs (I have some small graphics experience and I spent a lot of years as a professional photographer), but none of these really worked for me. So, taking a leaf from one of my fellow writers, I followed Linda Acaster’s advice (click here to read her post), and engaged a designer through Fiverr. The result is very impressive and the service was great. But I’m intending to do a separate post on that a little later, so watch this space.

Now, I just need the permission of Action For M.E. to use some of their text in the appendix for the paperback.

However, it struck me, rather belatedly (I can be a bit slow on the uptake!) that I can format and publish on Kindle and in Smashwords without that permission, as in the digital books I can simply provide links to the text. So, that’s the next job. I’d always intended to publish digital and print versions simultaneously, but I think I’ve kept my readers waiting long enough. So, I’ll publish the ebook as soon as I get it organised but wait until I have a response from Action For M.E. before I put the print version out there.

Watch this space.

To contribute to my fundraising efforts for Action For M.E., please click this link and take the easy steps to make a donation. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Running and Writing for ME/CFS no. 33

  1. Hi Stuart.
    I’m beginning my Methuselah read today!
    And on the bull terrier – do be careful. My sister had a rather large terrier and it was raised with nothing but love, love, love and yet, it still tried eating people.
    Happy Monday

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    1. And it goes on for miles! If I risk crossing the road about a mile and a half further, I can run a great distance through the trees on relatively level tracks. As I progress in the training programme, this is where I’ll be jogging. And Action For M.E. have earned my gratitude for their support during my 10 years with the condition.

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