EU Ereader? Beware VAT Rise in 2015

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This is just a brief heads up for those of you who have an Ereader, or were bought one for Xmas. Many of you will be unaware that a change in EU law means that from 1st January 2015 VAT will be added to cost of all digital books, set at the rate applying in the country of residence. That means the 3% Luxemburg rate will no longer apply and that you will pay the rate in the country where you live. This could be as high as 25%.

So, it’s probably sensible to buy any new books before that date.

And, whilst I’m at it, let me just remind you that my adult epic fantasy trilogy is available at a discount, so if you get it now you’ll save even more on the post 1st January price. You can find the details here, just click this link.