The Full Fantasy Trilogy is now Published.

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For all you fans of fantasy, the third book in my epic fantasy series, A Seared Sky, is now out, completing the trilogy. The books are titled, Joinings, Partings, and Convergence.

So, what is A Seared Sky about? It’s an adult epic fantasy. Adult, because of some sexual references though no erotica. I would rate it suitable for all from the age of 15 years old.

When the Skyfire heralds upheaval in the society of Followers, despotic High Priest, Dagla Kaz, must lead a party of pilgrims on a quest to the homeland, many leagues distant, and return before the fire dies. Will his false selection of talented virgin gift, Tumalind, confound his vile ambition, and will he come home to triumph or to defeat at the hands of his disinherited son?

As a gift for the Christmas period, my publisher, Fantastic Books Publishing, is offering the new book as part of a package of all three in digital form with a substantial discount. Bought separately, they’re £9.27 (already good value for 660,000 words of adventure, excitement, romance and character-driven action), but you can have them for £7.99 as a set, saving you 14%. Just click this link.

And remember, 10% of all proceeds go to charity, funding research into ME/CFS.

To buy book one, Joinings, in digital form, click here. In paperback, click here.

For book two, Partings, click here.

And for all three in digital form, either separately or as a bundle, click here.