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Raising Money for ME/CFS by Writing and Running #12

I meant to post this yesterday, but I was otherwise occupied, so my apologies. I’ve two brothers in hospital, a house move that’s far more problematic than any I’ve experienced (I’ve moved home 14 times!), this new blog I’m trying to develop, and all the other everyday things writers, husbands, fathers et al deal with. So, excuses made; here’s the progress report:

Writing: now halfway through the curation of the diary excerpts (there are over 200 pages of these), so I’ll be able to start on the actual writing of the book in the very near future. I’m going to publish this in both digital and print formats so as many people as possible can read it.

Running: Missed my 15 minute run on Monday: Freezing out there, with ice on the pavements, and cold weather always affects my health badly. If anything, this has grown worse since the ME/CFS, but that might just be because another 10 years have zoomed past! Anyway, I managed the 10 minute run on Thursday and did the 20 minute run, on Saturday, indoors (my wife gave me some funny looks as I pounded through the house!), since the weather was again very cold and icy.

This week is already going well, with a 15 minute run a couple of hours ago – still relatively cold out there, but frost and ice free. I’ve another 15 minute run on Thursday and a 20 minute run on Saturday. Tonight, I’m dancing (ballroom and Latin) with my wife at our dance class, so that’ll be more steps on the road back to full fitness.

Once I have confirmation that I’ve been accepted in the ballot for the targeted run, I’ll post a link for sponsorship. That may be a few months ahead, as the run takes place in August, when it will at least be warm!

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