Dread Cold, by Fantastic Books Publishing: #BookReview.

A Horror Anthology
This charity anthology, the proceeds of which will go to Anti-Slavery International and Embrace the Middle East, encloses 25 horror tales between its covers.
These are thoughtful, speculative tales to make your hair stand on end rather than blood and guts fiestas. These are stories that will play with your mind after reading them. They’ll disturb your sleep as you ponder the cruelty of man upon his fellows.
Everyone will have their favourite among such a collection, but my own was Jeremy Childerstone’s ‘Collapse’, which paints a story of unknown infection utterly destroying, in the most hideous way, all who come into contact with it. There is a sense of realism, that this really could happen, in the story arc, the references to aspects of living we all recognise. The story was placed 3rd in the contest that brought together these tales inspired by the cover picture.
These gripping stories will inspire fear, anxiety, and the dread of the title. You’ll feel the cold, the inescapable chill that numbs the body while leaving the mind free to dwell on the inevitable fate facing the protagonists encountering such horrors.
Unless you like your sleep interrupted by images of death dredged from stories full of pain, terror and torture, I advise against reading this book before bedtime. You have been warned!

This book is also one of the volumes released by the publisher, Fantastic Books Publishing, in the Massive Autumn Book Launch Event (#MABLE), which begins 17th September and continues through to 31st October. All books in the event will be massively discounted and you can follow and join here.

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