#ScenicSaturday 13/Aug/22

Summer’s day at the forest edge
where mature green trees
overlook a patch of ground
denuded of its once tall proud
larch trees now felled
to save the rest from
the parasite infection
threatening to destroy them all


I’m posting a weekly photograph of our wonderful world here, but I’m also Tweeting one each day, with the hashtag #ourworldiswonderful, join me there if you wish. Sometimes, my posts on here include words. I hope you’ll continue to comment, like, and share these to spread the joy of natural beauty to as many people as possible. It just might persuade some to join the cause and fight the coming climate emergency and species extinction.

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10 thoughts on “#ScenicSaturday 13/Aug/22

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    1. It takes some getting to now, Lynette, due to the clearance. But the work was essential of course. I suspect much of this type of infection is the result of climatic conditions.
      And, yes, we love walking here.

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      1. We have seen a lot of recent invasive species as well, species that in the past couldn’t survive our winters. But of course our winters aren’t as long or cold as they used to be, depending on which part of the country.

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        1. My fear is that we have now reached a step change in climatic terms, possibly one that has triggered a few of the many tipping points predicted. It may be that we have now reached a stage where certain aspects of climate change have become irreversible. Only time will tell, of course. But it’s staggering how many ordinary people, politicians, and industry leaders seem completely unaware of the dangers our continued wasteful lifestyles pose to the future of our species, and that of many others.

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          1. Are they unaware or unwilling to admit there’s a problem? “Business as usual” seems to be everywhere, and the Russian war against Ukraine is propelling that attitude along. “We can’t do anything about climate right now. Gotta have that oil, otherwise, Russia!” My government is now building another pipeline after years of talk about climate change. Very little action, of course.

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            1. It’s extraordinary: the fossil fuel industry has known of the potential dangers of its products for decades, just like the tobacco industry did regarding cigarettes and cancer. They CHOOSE to do nothing, in fact, they have attempted to bury their research, because their sole interest is in making money NOW. They have no sense of the future because they live in the day and believe their wealth will shield them from the catastrophe they are causing. The fact that their wealth will actually fail to shelter them will only be apparent when it’s too late for them as for everyone else.

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