Why That Title? – Convergence.

Titles for novels can cause authors a good deal of soul-searching. Ideally, we give potential readers clues about content, theme, style, and storyline. Not easy with only one to maybe a dozen words to play with. But the best titles are revealed as obvious choices once a book’s been read, so this series is largely for those who’ve yet to read the books featured.

‘Convergence’ is Book 3 in the epic adult fantasy trilogy published by Fantastic Books Publishing under the series title ‘A Seared Sky’. I wanted to use ‘Skyfire’ as the series title but couldn’t. If you’re curious about why, please read the post on the Book 1, Joinings.

The trilogy is an adventure and quest covering a period of around three years and dealing with many themes, including slavery, sexual liberty and prohibition, justice, religious hypocrisy, bad leadership, love, courage, tenacity, the ills of social injustice, and self-sacrifice, among others.
All three books have similar covers, featuring the map I created as a guide for me to keep track of where various individuals where at any time. Each is slightly different, but the series is united by this background image.

So, why is Book 3 titled ‘Convergence’?
Book 1 ‘Joinings’ ends with the pilgrims forced to alter their plans after a misfortune visits Tumalind, the main female protagonist, and an encounter with pirates makes the High Priest nervous of further sea travel. He wants the party to travel by land instead. And the revered symbol, the Skyfire is acting in a way that creates doubts in the mind of both the High Priest and his astronomical advisor, suggesting it may not be the expected sacred sign after all. The potential ramifications of such an error are too dreadful for the pair to contemplate.
Book 2 ‘Partings’ ends with the High Priest on the mainland in deep trouble of his own making, with the Virgin Gifts abducted. But the High Priest’s renegade son, on the island, is finally in a position to achieve his aim of restoring civilisation to the misruled Followers of his father’s evil religion. You’ll find the post on this book here.

Book 3 ‘Convergence’ holds 521 pages of dangers, partings, conflict, love, relationships, action, adventure, punishment, romance, corruption, betrayals, and the ultimate convergence of the several diverse story strands. To explain these would provide too many spoilers. But the book brings the many threads to the only possible conclusion, thus the various stories converge into a final and satisfying whole.

It also contains maps and appendices so readers can keep track of the many named characters and read the original myths and legends that formed the religion known as the Followers. If I’ve whetted your curiosity, you can find a little more detail here. Or, if you’re intrigued enough to plunge into reading the book straight away, you’ll find it here; though I’d strongly recommend you read Books 1 ‘Joinings’ and Book 2 ‘Partings’ first. Enjoy! Oh, and if you do, please consider writing a brief review so other potential readers have a clue about what you think of it. Thank you.