A Bookkeepers Guide to Practical Sorcery, by Kate Russell: #BookReview.

Kate’s story is aimed at children but written in a style many adults will find appealing. Adventure, some burgeoning teen romance with all its attendant uncertainty and embarrassment, the injustices routinely visited on many workers by employers, treachery, greed, hope, courage, threat, and ultimate justice, weave spells throughout this entertaining work. There are also monsters and, bearing in mind the title, not a little magic. In fact, the art and craft of magic are at the heart of the book.

I found the descriptions of spell generation engaging and persuasive. But it’s the humour that most tickled me; a mix of magical accidents and social faux pars, young adult humour, and simple observations about relationships, expectations, consequences, and coincidences.

A wizarding tale in the ‘tradition’ of the Harry Potter series, though this tale was originally written before Harry was in print! Makes one wonder if there was something ‘magical’ in the air at the time.
An enjoyable read, especially for young readers and those parents still willing to read to their children. Great stuff!


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  1. Nice review Stewart, good job. Sounds like it has some very interesting things for the younger audience and lots of surprises. Kids love that stuff and hey us grown-ups do too right. You too have a great weekend sending you my love and big hugs, Joni

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