#Words and #PictureOfTheDay: 23/Feb/22

In the distance, you’ll see an old railway bridge, locally known as the Black Bridge. It’s currently in use as a casual public footpath, joining the English side of the land with Wales, which is where this photograph was taken. The River Wye forms part of the border between the two countries.

Illustrating the peculiarities of the distinction between national and local laws, the English side of the bridge (it is legally divided across the middle!), in Gloucestershire, bears a right of way established by long usage but not yet defined as a Public Footpath with all the benefits such a description might bring. The Welsh side has long been defined as a Public Footpath. But the lack of adoption by Gloucestershire is hampering the gathering of funds to get this Victorian bridge restored to its former glory. The work needed by the local council is minimal, but they seem in no hurry to complete it. As a route that carries a lot of walkers and cyclists from both communities, it seems to have fallen victim to some peculiar ancient local dispute.

Hopefully, soon those holding up the process will finally realise they do no one any good by their dilatory behaviour, and the future of this old route will be secured for coming generations of walkers.

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7 thoughts on “#Words and #PictureOfTheDay: 23/Feb/22

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  2. Annoying! The construction company that built our community just tore down a lovely old stone arched bridge – to prevent ATVs from using it to access a local meadow. Destruction when they just could have put up barriers. Now I can’t take my walk in the woods.

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        1. I wonder what it is that endows some corporations with such arrogance that they feel they can ignore local concerns with impunity!
          Let’s hope the replacement bridge serves the purpose, Noelle.

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