#Words and #PictureOfTheDay: 09/Feb/22

Rugged beauty defies the violence of the sea that made it here on the coast of Devon. The landscape is indifferent to its influences, but humanity is blessed with an ability to detect the abstract quality we call natural beauty.

Probably, such appreciation was initially an essential component of our make-up, a spur to make us appreciate, and therefore preserve and protect, the natural world we inhabited in the youth of our species. It quickly became a vital part of our evolution.

The saddest aspect of this gift of nature is how many have now become, at best, immune to the astounding beauty that daily surrounds us, perhaps because we live in man-made cities that exist by destroying the very thing that created us, or perhaps because we live in a world where desire for the latest tech, fashion, celebrity, or entertainment has overcome concern for our environment.

Of course, not everything we create is devoid of beauty. Much of human ingenuity results in glorious constructions in many different materials, and those, too, can be celebrated, especially where they make little or no destructive impact on the environment, or are reminders of times when sustainability was not so vital as it is today; days when overpopulation and rampant capitalism had yet to become such destructive factors.

So, I present daily pictures of our world in the hope viewers will be reminded of the wonder and beauty that surrounds us if we venture away from the confines of the concrete and steel artificial world within which so many dwell. And that maybe appreciation will move us toward a more sustainable way of life.

Some of my pictures appear in the Gallery.
But, if you want images to decorate your home or office, use in calendars, greetings cards, jigsaws, advertising, or anything else you fancy in print or online, you will find more here.

8 thoughts on “#Words and #PictureOfTheDay: 09/Feb/22

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    1. Thanks, Lynette. It is odd that we separate ourselves as a species, so that we see ourselves as something else other than animals. If only we could return to those days when we worked with nature instead of against it, valued our environment rather than exploiting it, eh?

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  2. It is so sad to know how many people never see or appreciate the wonders of nature! I feel sorry for those that never had the opportunity to reel in a huge fish from the ocean, a trout from a stream, or make maple syrup from the sap of maple trees. Have a family barbeque with homegrown delicacies. Feel the love and closeness of family members. At night look up and see a sky bursting with bright stars and howl at the moon. LOL The howl was just for fun.

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    1. I agree, Brenda. Those who are forced to live in high-rise blocks in crowded urban areas, or the dreadful slums that grow on the edges of many cities in the less developed countries, have little opportunity to witness or appreciate nature. But many of the more privileged people have a choice regarding nature, and so many of them choose to ignore, or, worse, destroy it.
      And you wouldn’t be alone in howling at the moon: it’s a common feature of some groups!

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