#Words and #PictureOfTheDay: 07/Feb/22

Malham Cove, a 300-foot-high limestone cliff, remnant of an Ice Age waterfall, is a magnet for walkers, climbers, and artists. The beck, all that remains of the once powerful river, has sunk underground and now emerges as a small stream from the base of the cliff.

We walked the well-marked route from the village and found climbers dangling from those sheer walls, and other walkers gently wandering back, as the sun descended toward the horizon on that November day. But we reckoned we had time to reach the top for a spectacular view over the valley. 421 stone steps, some with very high treads, on a snaking route, took us from the stream to the limestone pavement up top.

En route, we encountered a much younger couple descending. The woman pointed us out to her male partner who bore all the resentment of an enforced country climb when he could’ve been in the pub, drinking the fine ale on offer in the region. ‘See; if two old codgers like them can make it without moanin’ what’s your beef?’ We weren’t intended to hear the remark, and I smiled as we passed them. ‘You’d never believe we’d still be doin’ this at 90, would you?’ Their looks moved through embarrassment to the intended humour and a laugh of relief as they realised I was exaggerating, just a bit (I’m 73, Valerie a few years younger), and they went their way, coming together to hold hands as we had all the way up.

The view from the top is worth the effort. Mind you, my knees complained on the return. If that bugger, Newton, had left things as he found them instead of inventing gravity, that descent would’ve been a dream! Ah, well, another day, another walk.

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    1. Thanks, Lynette. I can recall my own attitude to ‘old’ people when I was younger, and those attitudes were often aimed at people in their fifties! How we change our perceptions as the years roll by, eh?

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  1. I loved the story Stuart and by the way no one would ever guess you or Valerie’s age. You both look magnificent and in great shape. Working out, walking what ever we are able to still do with our bodies is a blessing. What an amazingly beautiful photograph and I love the angle of the photo. You captured many interesting views. Pretty funny how the young talk about people that are older. I bet you two did get a laugh. People should walk or hike as long as they are able that is why you both look amazing. Yea!!!! Big hugs to you and Valerie. ❤️🤗🦋

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    1. Thanks, Joni. We love our walks; in fact, they’ve probably kept us almost sane during this pandemic. I can understand the lack of respect for us oldies; after all, the climate emergency is largely down to our generation, although, of course, it started with the Industrial Revolution. The difference is that we knew about the potential consequences, and most people took no notice.
      You and Scott take care and stay well.

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      1. You two as well. Honestly Scott and I do all that we can and have for over a decade to slow down global warming and it is a lot of work. In order to do more it takes money. If we had it we would have installed solar panels and would own a all electric car. Instead we have a Smart car which gets 50 miles per gallon. We do all our errands on the same day. You two stay well too. My daughter and all her family got sick with the new variant even though fully vaccinated. She was sick for three weeks. Same thing with some neighbors fully vaccinated boosters and all. She too was sick for three weeks and still has weak and wobbly legs. She is in her late 40’s. It seems to reach everyone even with masks. Be careful. ❤️

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        1. It’s great that you do what you can, Joni. We belong to Greenpeace (joined in the 1980s), have a car that does 61 to the gallon, have some solar panels, and walk as much as we can. Like you, we make trips in the car a combination of essential visits.
          I think we’re going to have to learn to live with Covid, in the same way we do with other diseases. It’s clear the virus is expert at creating variants, let’s hope my predicted variant in my last novel never actually happens! We’re very careful when out in places where we meet other people, and we’re both triple vaccinated. I hope you daughter and her family recover completely.

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          1. Wow that is really great gas mileage. Good for you for having solar panels. When walking was an option as was public transit we too did that. I miss jumping on the bus and being in the city in ten minutes. They have some buses in Raleigh but that is 45 minutes away and we are 18 minutes by car away from anything and no sidewalks. We too agree that Covid is here to stay. It is just a matter of time even with mask until we catch it. Thank you for your words about my family. I do worry about me getting it. Scott is so strong and rarely ever gets sick. I am glad you are both being careful. We are too. Still I think we will eventually get it from a surface in a store or something. Yes I hope it doesn’t wipe out civilization. We are doing a good job of it without the virus. How is your book doing Stuart? Sending you and Valerie big hugs 🤗. Joni

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            1. We have the same sort of issues with public transport here, Joni. There are buses, but most of them stop on the main road about half a mile from the village and there’s no pavement (sidewalk), so the only way to and from the bus stop without being in danger of being run over is to trek through the forest, which is fine if your destination is suitable for walking boots!
              If you always wash your hands after you’ve been out, you should avoid infection that way, Joni.
              As for the book, I won’t know how well it’s doing until I get an update from my publisher, sometime in July! But it’s hard to get a book noticed these days, with over 2 million new titles published every year!

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              1. We always do that and change clothes, washing the ones we had on. I didn’t realize just how many new books are published each year. Well I think it is fabulous that you have an actual publisher and that you have written so many books. You are a very good writer and manage to find that perfect mix of intrigue, romance and adventure to make for a very fun ride Stuart. I just try to keep up these days. Sending hugs and thanks for the update I appreciate it. ❤️🤗 Joni

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  2. Beautiful picture of the area, and a picture in my mind of what my body feels like when I do something that requires some minor strain. But we have to keep on truckin’ cause if you don’t use it, you lose it!

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    1. Thanks, Brenda. Yes, ‘use it or lose it’ is a definite truism. Some days I return from a walk and feel physically exhausted, but always spiritually uplifted.

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