‘An Excess Of…’ Launched Today!

Last year, I spent most of lockdown researching and writing a new novel. ‘An Excess Of…’ is now available in paperback and digital form, published by Fantastic Books Publishing.

Synopsis: Six random strangers escape drowning when their ship is wrecked, only to be dumped on a desert island, hundreds of miles from anywhere. Dangerously at odds on many fronts, they must learn to work together to survive, or risk death in this entirely unfamiliar environment. Mutual physical attraction promises to make allies of two, but can it prevail over their strong differences in outlook? Will the group overcome prejudices, superstitions, and passions to unite when a fragile hope of escape offers an end to their isolation? Or will ancient beliefs and traditions, fears and uncertainties, surface to place all in peril as they prepare for return to a world entirely changed in their absence?

You can get the paperback here.

The digital edition is available here.

Enjoy the read!

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