8 thoughts on “Today’s #Picture Inspiring Imagination: 20/August/21

    1. They do say, Lynette, that taking five deep breaths and releasing each slowly while in a forest will fill your lungs with clean, fresh, unpolluted air. It’s something I do every time we wander in the trees. With a gentle breeze through the branches, it often sounds as though the trees are breathing with us.

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    1. Yes, light is the essence of photography, Brenda; ‘painting with light’ – a clever way of describing the process that creates an image on, originally, light sensitive film/glass and then on light sensitive paper. Of course, digital photography has changed all that. Now it’s all down to how the sensor interprets the photons thrown at it!
      This one was taken facing into the sunlight, so the tree trunks are in shadow and the more reflective surfaces gleam as the light strikes them. I was raised and taught as a photographer in the days when everyone was told not to shoot into the light. Naturally, I ignored this instruction almost from day one!

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    1. A bit of an optical illusion, Noelle. This particular track is relatively firm underfoot. The brown stuff at the edges and straying onto the path is made up of fallen pine needles rather than mud! Mind you, there are plenty of paths in the forest that can become very muddy indeed!


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