Today’s #Picture: Inspiring Imagination: 14/August/21

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  2. I actually think we may have an early fall here because of the intense heat of July and this month. I need to find some dogwood trees – I can always tell if fall is coming because their leaves start to burnish.

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    1. It’s good to know the signs from nature, Noelle. The weather is so volatile nowadays and normal patterns, established over millennia, are starting to break down. Knowing the signs will help us prepare for what is to come.

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    1. The forest here consists of lots of different varieties of trees, Brenda, so we rarely get blanket colour change. It tends to be odd spots of colour as each individual species changes with the weather. In this shot, the birches and beeches at the edge of this stand of pines were in their prime of autumnal brightness.

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    1. It’s supposed to be midsummer here, Noelle. But it’s been a bit damp and not as warm as it should be. Unlike July, which was unseasonally hot! Our trees tend to start changing colour around mid to late September, but at the moment the forest has a slightly tired look, so I thought I’d use a picture from last year to give a bit of colour.

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