Today’s #Picture to Inspire Your Imagination: 10/August/21

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14 thoughts on “Today’s #Picture to Inspire Your Imagination: 10/August/21

  1. Reminds me of “Arsenic and old lace!” So delicate looking, but I remember my dad saying, “A foot of black ice will hold a car!” And we used to drive on our pond, sometimes for the fun of it or to reach a distant part to set up for ice fishing. Thanks for posting.

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    1. We rarely achieve that depth of ice here, Brenda. In fact, our children are always warned not venture out onto ice-covered ponds as the ice is too thin to bear any real weight. The only exception I can recall is the very cold winter of 1963 when, as a teenager, I was able to walk along the frozen edge of the tidal River Humber (a saltwater estuary, which froze solid about 50 feet out from the shore). But I’ve read a few stories about the frozen lakes in the USA, and the fishing trips that take place on them. Fascinating!

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      1. It was a great time to be alive! I have caught many Pickerel (Northern Pike) through the ice. We used to ice skate between traps. And we used to use our coats as sails and when the wind was strong enough could sail across the wind power. The hard part was making the hole to drop the line through. You had to hack through several feet of ice.

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        1. I recall watching an episode of Frasier on TV, where he, Niles and their father went on such a fishing trip – hilarious. And, if you’ve ever read The Darwin Protocol you’ll have come across a brilliant example of the utter idiocy of some people, relating an incident that happened on a frozen lake and involved explosives and a dog that was a little too keen on retrieval!


    1. I enjoy finding and isolating those parts of the frozen puddles that form some sort of pattern or suggestion of something other than the ice, Joni. Trouble is, these days, my hands get cold so quickly out in the frosty weather!

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