Today’s #Picture to Inspire Your Imagination: 28/July/21

These images are intended as a source of entertainment, joy, and inspiration to the imagination.
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9 thoughts on “Today’s #Picture to Inspire Your Imagination: 28/July/21

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    1. Thank you, Sowmya. Due to our exceptional weather this year (more rain and more heat) many plants in the forest have grown very well. In fact, in places some paths have become impassable as parts of the forest start to resemble a jungle! But all very good for the wildlife.

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      1. Yes indeed. Here too in the place where I live , we had frequent showers and that has made my garden bloom so well.
        Glad that you are able to visit and capture such lush green places .

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        1. Yes, my garden has grown quite spectacularly too! I’ll have to get out there and cut some of it back, otherwise someone might get lost in there! Only kidding.

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