Today’s #Picture to Inspire Your Imagination: 22/July/21

These images are intended as a source of entertainment, joy, and inspiration to the imagination.
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4 thoughts on “Today’s #Picture to Inspire Your Imagination: 22/July/21

  1. One has to wonder how the cars can get by each other on the narrow street. It would be fun to walk along the street and maybe meet some of the people, although they may all be tourists. Thanks for posting.

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    1. European city cars tend to be of the smaller variety, Brenda. And very many citizens of Florence get about on two wheels, either motorised or pedal-powered.
      It’s true that most of the people on these streets will be tourists, as they tend to be lined with sort of shops tourists like to visit, i.e. expensive stuff nobody actually needs but many people want!


    1. Yes, the sign made Valerie and I smile, too. Typical Italian to have streets named after religious subjects! When in Rome, we avoided the tourist hotspot of the Vatican, of course.

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