10 thoughts on “Today’s #Picture 26/Jun/21

  1. It is an impressive walkway with the stone wall with the handrail, (some of us will need it) and I like that the walk is slightly rough, which will make walking non-slippery. The bushes, small trees, and grass creeping out to claim the steps are cool.

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    1. These steps used to lead up to a railway station, but that was done away with in the 1960s and they now serve the local community, joining the upper part of the village with the houses down by the river, Brenda. I always need that handrail whether climbing or descending!


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    1. Thanks, Lynette. We use this route quite often, as it leads from one of our regular walks down to the river. The end of the pathway was damaged by floods earlier in the year, but it’s been repaired now.

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    1. Thank you, Joni. The steps lead up from the river and pass the back gardens of a small number of homes. The stone wall is made of local stone from quarries in the valley.

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