Today’s #Picture 24/Jun/21

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8 thoughts on “Today’s #Picture 24/Jun/21

  1. Looking at them I thought, “How sad that someone let them go so badly. I pictured them new, finished in a shiny Gold, on a finely finished wood door polished to see the caller’s reflection in it. Thanks for posting.

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    1. The whole building, as I recall, was neglected. But Greece has a history of earthquakes and many buildings have had to be abandoned for safety reasons. Also, the country is in a great deal of debt and people are generally short of cash, so they probably just couldn’t afford to care for them.

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        1. Perhaps they were placed when the English ruled the island, Lynette. It may even have been a museum for a while, housing some of the artefacts our early colonial archaeologists stole from their Egyptian digs. Who knows?

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