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  2. I knew it immediately, even though I’ve never been there (but hope to, before I’m too old and rickety). After a minor in Renaissance art, I feel like I know Florence pretty well!

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    1. We enjoyed our stay in Italy, visiting Rome, Pompeii, Florence and Lake Maggiore, Noelle. Florence is a fascinating place and the walks by the river are very pleasant. I was a little disappointed in the Uffizi Gallery: they allow too many in at any one time, so viewing the artworks is not the pleasant experience I was hoping for. But I’m glad I made the visit.
      We enjoyed the locations, the people, the food and even the train journeys. It’s definitely worth paying a visit.
      You’ll certainly see the originals you studied for your minor. I discovered some were much larger than I’d imagined and others were very much smaller, but all worth their reputations. If you do go, make sure you book your tickets online, that way, you’ll escape some of the time spent in queues!

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    1. It’s the famous Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Brenda. It is lined with shops either side, as it was when re-built, after floods washed away the original wood and stone structure, around 1345. The original bridge was actually built by the Romans in 996.
      It’s a very popular tourist attraction in the ancient city. When we were there, we crossed it a couple of times during the day but found it too crowded. Later, we visited one evening after our meal and it was much quieter then.

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