Today’s #Photograph 15/Jun/21

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12 thoughts on “Today’s #Photograph 15/Jun/21

  1. Okay, on the second reflection, I can make out branches in the pool, It appears to be picking out various parts of the sky, and perhaps you had on a beautiful blue shirt. LOL couldn’t help myself. The blue came from the sky or from you. Are you a “Blue man in secret?”

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    1. Spot on, Brenda. The blue is entirely artificial, produced by manipulating the image. With my ‘Natural Abstracts’ I take an image with the intention of producing a picture that will either inspire questions from the viewer or simply make them smile. Almost all my abstracts have been editing to some degree, unlike the landscapes, where the only changes I make are those needed to make the picture appear to the eye as it did to my eye in the location (cameras are notoriously selective in what they reproduce and the ‘straight’ image rarely reflects what the photographer actually sees).

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    1. I obviously didn’t express my question well enough, Brenda. It’s actually a small pool in the forest. But I was curious to know if you could tell what it was reflecting.


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