11 thoughts on “Today’s #Photograph 3/Jun/21

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        1. Now, you know it’s the exceptions that prove the rule, Lynette. And, of course, stereotypes are all the rage, so we mustn’t rock the boat by attempting to persuade people that labels don’t always tell the truth, eh?
          Perhaps, when I made my earlier comment, I should have modified ‘risk averse’ with ‘stupid risk averse’!

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  2. I know I would not climb the stairway unless I felt strongly that there was something up there of a spectacular view I couldn’t get from the ground. I suspect that may have been your reason. It looks like too many abandoned buildings all over the world. A sad ending to too many buildings. thanks for posting.

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  3. I was a bit wary, Noelle. The staircase was in an abandoned house in Greece, I think on the island of Thassos. I did ascend the stairs, carefully, and discovered the usual dilapidation that infects such buildings. Didn’t stay long, as it was also rather pongy upstairs!

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