Today’s #Photograph 4/May/21

You’ll find more of my professional pictures here, where you can purchase them as digital files, framed prints, canvas wraps, or Giclee art prints. Enjoy!

15 thoughts on “Today’s #Photograph 4/May/21

  1. I am probably the only person that will see this in your picture, but it is a little spooky and beautiful at the same time. Okay, I know I am weird! I am a left-handed Gemini, that may explain it. I bought your Mars trio and am chomping at the bit to get into it. BTW Amazon wouldn’t let me buy the trio, had to buy them separately. No big deal saving 3 cents wasn’t worth the hassle to deal with their “help” again. LOL

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    1. Wow! Thank you, Brenda. I hope you enjoy the read. Amazon! A site with a mind of its own, eh?
      I know what you mean about the atmosphere in this picture: it was a deliberate attempt to imbue the image with mystery.


    1. It’s from a canal that runs through the centre of Birmingham, Lynette. As I recall, we were there for an audition for Valerie to appear on a TV quiz show. Glad to like it. Amazing what a bit of wind on the surface can do, eh?

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    1. Thanks, Joni.
      And on another matter – got the notification from my publisher todfay that the book is going into production, so no more editing! Whoopee!
      You and Scott look after each other.

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      1. Oh wow congratulations my friend. Congratulations to your beta reader also of course. Valerie makes sure you don’t kill characters twice. That is wonderful Stuart. I am happy for you. Yea🎊🎉🎊🎉🍾⭐️⭐️ You and Valerie will have to celebrate. Love y’all be safe too.

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          1. I bet you are. You have been working so hard. Plus hopefully your publisher does some of the marketing for you. We are good here. The heat is starting four people died in the south yesterday from storms. They are getting worse every year. Will you two venture out for a bit of a vacation this summer? Love to you both. 🤗❤️ Joni

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            1. Another example of climate change, of course, Joni. But you know that.
              We’re not planning on an overseas break this year – too much uncertainty. We’ll be visiting family once travel restrictions are lifted and we can go up north. My sister is recovering from a stroke and my brother is currently in hospital with a suspected heart problem, so I’d like to see both of them.
              Other than that, we’ll widen our walks in the forest to places we’ve yet to go.
              How about you and Scott?

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              1. Oh I am so very sorry about this news my friends. I am sure they will both be lifted up by a visit from you two.

                I just talked to my daughter who wants to rent this beautiful house in Arizona for family to meet at. I truly miss her. The grandchildren are getting so big and I miss them as well. We will have to see. Scott will be getting his last vaccine soon. We will have to see how we are feeling about getting on a plane. Thanks for asking.
                Sending you both love. 🤗❤️❤️

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