Today’s Pictures: 28 Apr 21

‘She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;’
Lord Byron

This series of photographs from our local forest will finish at the end of April, by which time I’ll have posted almost 1,000 of my pictures in this series. For the last few days, I’m adding others from my collection from the forest, and one other each day to show more of the world and its wonders.

From May onwards, I intend to replace this daily series with single photos from my professional files, as the pictures have brought joy to many. The new series will be a real mix of subjects I’ve enjoyed picturing over the years. No captions. No information. I hope you’ll enjoy them, comment where you wish, and continue to share them with your online friends and followers.

All photographs here are my own, unless otherwise credited. You can find more of my pictures here. And there’s a small sample under the ‘Gallery’ tab, top of this page.

7 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 28 Apr 21

  1. Thanks, Brenda. We’ll continue our daily wlaks in the forest – necessary for our spiritual welfare, and there’ll be one or two from the forest in the following series no doubt.

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  3. Parting is such sweet sorrow! Goodbye lovely woods. I have a feeling somewhere in the future you will not be able to resist another wood stroll and the surf awaits your camera. Looking forward to more of your posts. Thanks again.

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