Today’s Pictures: 25 Mar 21

‘I may not be walking with you all the way, or even much of the way, as I walk with you now. Don’t be angry with me if I’m not there in person, alive and well when you need me.’    
Arthur Robert Ashe

For now, I’m continuing daily shots from our walks in the local forest. Another photograph from my collection will give a wider view of the world and some of its wonders.
Sharing on social media means more people stuck indoors due to Covid-19 can enjoy the natural beauty of our world, so please do that if you’re able. Thank you. We might even restore a bit of love and respect for nature and help slow the damage we inflict on our world.

All photographs on this site are my own, unless otherwise credited. More of my pictures are here. And a small sample of my work sits under the ‘Gallery’ tab at the top of this page.

14 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 25 Mar 21

        1. Never managed that, Noelle. But I used to live close to the Humber Estuary, which is very muddy. Only once, when I was in my very early teens, did I venture out onto the mud. I was attempting to rescue a seabird that had become tangled in fishing line. I managed to reach it and fre the poor creature and watch it fly off. I gathered the fishing line up to dispose of in a bin and then turned for the shore only to discover I was stuck. It took me a while (complete with a short panic session, since the tide was coming in and I couldn’t swim at the time) to pull myself free of that clinging mud. Oddly, I never tried that again!


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    1. The estuary is wonderfully moody. At present, we’re not able to get there due to Covid restrictions, as it’s beyond our 5 mile exercise limit. But, as a tidal environment, it changes frequently, so can be a real gem for pictures.
      In the forest, we prefer to use the animal tracks when possible. After a winter with excessive rainfall, many of these were impassible so we’ve been relying on the more sturdy, surfaced roads. This shot was taken on a day we were exploring along tracks we rarely use, looking for narrow tracks that might join up the wider ways and allow us to venture further afield once the restrictions are lifted.

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      1. I didn’t realise that you have a limit on how far away you can go. We don’t have that here for outdoor exercise. People are encouraged to get out for biking, hiking, skiing, walking as much as possible.


    1. That’s great, Brenda. It’s lovely when one creative work reminds viewers of another.
      The Severn estuary is tidal, of course, and carries a pretty impressive bore when the tide comes in. At times, people even use it to surf!


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