Today’s Pictures: 28 Feb 21

Old tree in ancient quarry

‘A man’s health requires as many acres of meadow to his prospect as his farm does loads of muck.’     Henry David Thoreau

With the daily shot from my local forest, I’m including another shot, not always entirely ‘natural’, to provide a wider view of the world and its wonders.

The brook that feeds the beavers’ enclosure

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A hillside in Florence.

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14 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 28 Feb 21

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    1. We encountered this tree almost by accident after we’d scared a wild boar and were trying to see where it had run off to, Joni. It’s a little way off one of our favourite tracks, where we sometimes come across deer. One of my connections on LinkedIn thought it looked as though there were gremlins (or was it goblins?) lurking under the roots of that tree, and I can see what he means!

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      1. Oh I am going back in for another look. That is an amazing photograph. We are watching Outlander and watched the scene where the wild boars killed and wounded men. Aren’t you afraid of them? I would just say be very careful. Love to you both. Been thinking about our collaboration I am excited. Love you guys 🤗💕❤️🥰

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        1. The boar had disappeared, Joni. They are generally not dangerous, unless you have an unleashed dog or are silly enough to get between a boar and his harem of females or between a nursing mother and her piglets! If they’re treated with respect, they generally just ignore you.
          Looking forward to your poem.

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    1. Thanks, Brenda. The brook and its surrounding are completely off limits to human intrusion, apart from the small team of experts monitoring the beavers. So it’s an entirely natural landscape. But, I agree, it looks almost as though it’s been designed. And it has, by good old nature.


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