Today’s Pictures: 17 Feb 21

Snowy track through the Forest of Dean

‘Walking . . . is how the body measures itself against the earth.’     Rebecca Solnit

With the daily shot from my local forest, I’m including a shot of the wider world, not always entirely ‘natural’, to provide a wider view of the world and its wonders.

St Maxime, South of France.

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9 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 17 Feb 21

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  2. The first picture reminds me of the Maine woods before it really gets serious about winter. The frost line used to go nearly 6 feet, and I can remember 30 below. Your scene of the ocean is serene although with the dirt and not sand it might be a fresh water lake.

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    1. Thanks for the reblog, Brenda.
      The beach is sand, just a rather dark version, and soft to walk on. The sea is the Mediteranean on a very calm day. Mind you, I recall we had a serious thunder storm later in the day and sat in our self-catering lodge in the evening overlooking a lane flooded to a depth of around 3 feet!
      Our snow here rarely lasts. It’s all gone, for now, leaving some muddy tracks in its wake. But we’re still walking and enjoying the trees.

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    1. The sign on the right, Noelle? We were here in 2012, and my memory, never good, isn’t good enough to be certain. But I think it was information about the ferry service to St Tropez and some other small towns along the coast.
      The local council authority raked and tidied this stretch every morning in readiness for its use by locals and tourists. From just behind where I stood to take this, you could could watch the locals playing boules, which was quite fascinating.

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