Today’s Pictures: 28 Jan 21

‘But the beauty is in the walking; we are betrayed by destinations.’     Gwyn Thomas

This project started in April 2020, when I made a commitment to share our world’s natural beauty with everyone confined indoors due to Covid-19. I’m intending to continue it until the pandemic has been brought under control.

The more people who share these posts on social media with friends and followers, the more people we’ll reach. It’ll also show them our wonderful world. Maybe, between us, we can restore some love and respect for nature and slow down the daily damage we inflict on our environment. Thank you.

Like my pictures? Take a look at my gallery, which you’ll find here. A small selection is also available via the ‘Gallery’ tab at the top of this page.

6 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 28 Jan 21

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    1. Like me, Noelle, your veins are full of salt water! My grandfather and my natural father (he died 3 weeks before I was born) were both sailors, so I get that love of the sea through them. But 6 hours for a return journey? Pure torture!


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