Ten Day #Travel Challenge: Day 1.

My friend, Joni Caggiano, nominated me to participate in the “Ten Day Travel Challenge.” The ‘rules’ are that participants post a photograph each day for ten days without disclosing the location, and nominate 10 others to engage with this challenge if they so desire. I’m a rule breaker by nature and also enjoy indulging my curiosity, so I’m bending the ‘rules’. I’ll ‘invite’ a new participant each day, but not inform them personally. I’m interested to see how far the news will travel without deliberate action from me. So, one picture (unidentified), one invitee, ten days.

Also, I’ll post the normal ‘Today’s Pictures’, all from the Forest of Dean, as part of this series over the next ten days.

A victim of the recent wind and snow across the track.
Snow and fir trees: almost a cliché.

Today, I invite my online friend, Rich, whose blog, found here, features his walks in many places.

Joni Caggiano is a talented poet and photographer.  Please check her work here.  

16 thoughts on “Ten Day #Travel Challenge: Day 1.

    1. Thank you, Shyamini. We rarely get snow here in the southwest of England. But the past few days have brought a little of the white stuff. It’s chilly out there. Our walk today took us over 6k of frozen ground and the temperature never rose above 0C. Chilly!

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  2. How kind of you to mention me. I like that you are breaking the rules. It will be interesting. I love the colorful houses on the right in the photograph. The sea always wins me over and your Forest of the Deans is a daily blessing to look at my friend. Great job Stuart. Lovely. Hugs to you both. Joni 🤗💕❤️

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    1. I’ve generally had a tendency to follow the philosophy that ‘rules are made by men, not for them’. It has a positive effect on me, Joni, in that it helps me question the reason for such rules. Often, that results in a positive response. After all, most laws are made only to control those who would normally behave in an anti-social way. Good people tend not to need to be coerced into avoiding murder, rape, harm to others, and all the many awful things bad people do without thought. Sorry, a serious response to an innocent remark. Sometimes my mind works that way!


  3. Has anybody ever told you that have a nasty streak in you? I’m tempted to say this is a photo from Greece but that would be too easy. Inviting somebody without letting them know. Only you could be so delightfully evil. Sounds like something I might have done. Oh, Meg!

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    1. Happens every day, Tom, but like all sociopaths, I shrug it off.
      Suppose I was to reveal that the picture you see as Greek was, in fact, taken on Mars? But, of course, NASA will deny it!
      Do you think the conspiracy theorists will pick this up and play with it?

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  4. Stuart, you don’t look like a rule-breaker, but then you are a writer of fiction, and by definition, it is more fun to break the rules and allow our imagination to fly high! I will enjoy seeing the many pictures.

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    1. Ah, but looks can be deceptive, Brenda. And, as a writer of fiction, I have to write the truth by breaking many rules. It’s definitely more fun that way!
      Day 4 could spark your interest.

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