Today’s Pictures: 22 Dec 20

The winter sun descends behind the trees in the Forest of Dean.

Share this post widely on social media and it will let those who are stuck indoors, due to Covid 19, enjoy it. It’ll also reach more people and, hopefully, show them the wonderful place our world is. With luck, between us, we’ll restore some love and respect for nature and slow down the damage to our environment. Thank you.

The summer sun descends over the mountains surrounding the Italian Lake Maggiore. Taken September 2018
Winter sunshine casts shadows along an avenue of oaks and beeches.

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9 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 22 Dec 20

    1. Thank you, Noelle. I’m committed to continuing this project until most people are again free to go about their ordinary lives when the Covid pandemic is finally under some sort of control.

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  2. These are just gorgeous Stuart. We blew the first one up and are amazed at the amount of fertilizer that those old growth trees have underneath them. Your photograph of the lake is breathtaking. Truly amazing work this morning my friend. Just beautiful. Please give my love to Valerie too. 🤗💕❤️🦋Joni

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    1. Thank you, Joni. The lake photo was taken toward the end of a boat trip around the lake, as the sun was slowly moving toward the mountain tops.
      The trees rest on bedrock covered in natural compost from leaf fall over the decades and the constantly growing and dying bracken. I love the way trees recycle the elements and minerals they need for growth, their seasonally discarded leaves providing new food for the next season. Nature is amazing!
      By the way, I’ve decided to hold off on the photo challenge until the new year, as I like to take a couple of days off over Xmas and the new year celebrations. So, I’m intending to start that around 2 or 3 January 2021. Wow, 2021; somehow that sounds so futuristic!
      You and Scott keep safe and stay well..

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      1. We let our leaves fall and provide compost for our trees. Don’t worry at all about the challenge, seriously it does take way more time then I thought it would. I am running out of nominees so I will just keep posting photographs. Please don’t feel obligated at all my friend. I know 2021 sounds so late it is crazy I know. You and Valerie enjoy each other for the holiday and don’t worry about a thing. You have been posting gorgeous photographs for months now. That is/was a blessing for many people. Love you guys and please be safe. We know so many people now who have lost loved ones to COVID. I went out yesterday for the first time in months and I almost had an anxiety attack. Buying a lot of groceries which my husband usually does as he is younger than me and insist. We are both careful. Next time I won’t argue with him, I will just be grateful for his kindness. Enjoy your sweet wife. Happy holidays to you both. 🌲 love ❤️ Joni

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        1. Yes, nominees can be difficult to find, Joni. Some I was intending to place have already been ‘snapped up’ by other contributors!
          This new Covid strain is so much more virulent in terms of transmission, so we’re being very careful now. I’m on the ‘vulnerable’ list, so at least we can get a delivery slot from the supermarket. Unfortunately, they didn’t bring everything we ordered, so we had to venture out to a local town to get stuff we actually need. Neighbours have offered to do this for us, but we know they’re also very busy, so we donned our masks and spent as short a time as possible in the shop, used the hand sanitisers etc. It’ll be our last outing for a while, except the local village shop where we get our bread and milk.
          Let’s hope the vaccines all come online soon, so we can all go back to a more normal life.
          You and Scott keep safe and stay well.


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