Today’s Pictures: 10 Dec 20

Ancient Beech trees line the rim of a long disused quarry in the Forest of Dean.

Sharing this post widely on social media will allow those who are stuck indoors, due to Covid 19, to enjoy it. It will also reach more people and, hopefully, illustrate what a wonderful place our world is. With luck, between us, we might restore love and respect for nature and slow down the destructive urge to ruin our environment. Thank you.

Swimmers in the surf on Avlaki Beach on the Greek island of Crete. Taken July 2008.

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16 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 10 Dec 20

  1. Before the advent of indoor arenas, it was either played on a section of frozen lake that had carefully been flooded and levelled, or on a reasonably flat, flooded field. Very, very Canadian. Most communities still have outdoor neighbourhood skating rinks. Hockey originated with a number of Canada’s indigenous peoples.
    Thanks, Stuart.

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      1. Yes, it’s getting there. It’s definitely frozen around the edges (it’s very deep, so the middle takes longer). We’re hoping to start building a skating rink (old fashioned outside hockey rink) soon.

        We often go to Dominican Rebublic for winter break, (but of course not this year) and I’m really going to miss that warm break.

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        1. Ice hockey on a frozen lake, Lynette? Wow! Now that’s adventurous stuff. Enjoy!
          Shame about the break in the warmth, but there’ll be opportunities again soon. You stay safe, warm, and well out there.

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  3. Now there’s where I would like to be!!
    Our former home was on a hill covered with copper beech trees, so I named my book company Copper Ledge.
    Thanks for the virtual swim!

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    1. Knew you’d enjoy the ‘swim’ Noelle.
      Copper beeches are relatively uncommon here in the forest, so much so that I always try to capture them why I find one. Ours are mostly the ‘standard’ variety. But they are majestic and their fallen leaves carpet the ground in a warm russet blanket in autumn. Lovely!


  4. Stuart great photography. Did you see the devastation caused to the oldest trees in the world in CA due to these fires. It almost made me cry. So depressing. Love you two, Joni

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    1. Haven’t seen it, Joni: our media is full of Covid and Brexit at present. But I knew about the forest fires in California and in Australia. I agree, it’s very depressing. And almost entirely due to man-made climate change. How much more destruction will we face before the deniers start to see sense, I wonder?

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      1. I can’t wrap my head around it now honestly. I would be crying if I had to see these giant beautiful trees in the mist of their destruction. You two please stay very safe for now. Love you two. 🤗💕❤️🦋Joni

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        1. Me, too, Joni. Trees, especially the giants, stand sentinel to history and, if we could only communicate with them, what tales they could tell. To destroy them either due to accident, neglect or from greed, is deeply distressing to anyone who understands and loves the natural world.

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          1. You are so right. When I looked at the overhead photos of the amount of trees destroyed it made me feel sick. The loss was devastating.
            You two have a wonderful time this weekend together. Love ❤️ Joni

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    1. Thanks, Brenda. The Forest of Dean is one of England’s ancient forests. Parts of it have been used by heavy industry over the centuries, but nature has taken it mostly back to itself. The old quarry has probably been out of use for over two centuries.
      The inlet on Crete carries the warm waters of the Mediterranean; a joy to swim in! Our own North Sea, Atlantic coasts, and Irish Sea are all pretty cold for swimmers, but that doesn’t stop a lot of them!

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