Today’s Pictures: 17 Nov 20

A collapsed tree along a favourite footpath.

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Bright autumn leaves carpet the forest floor.

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16 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 17 Nov 20

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    1. This particular part of the forest is growing along and beside what was once an old cart track, used by miners and quarrymen to transport coal and stone. The first trees to populate such ground are often birches, the ‘rough’ and the ‘silver’ varieties, Joni. They tend to be short-lived trees that collapse after around 100 years. But they give shelter, and their fallen leaves provide food for other, longer-lived varieties, like oak, sycamore, ash, hazel and beech, so the lane is slowly being repopulated by these species now.

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      1. Oh thank you for explaining this to me Stuart. I have wondered because there are often trees down when you walk. I just loved the picture of the leaves. We never rake ours but leave them for the same reason. I would never have thought to take that picture and it was so beautiful. I won’t mention this again here but your book was so interesting, full of extremely cleaver conversation and arch’s. It was such fun and so entertaining to get to know each very developed character and the ending was perfect. Wow, just a great read. We enjoyed it so much together. My husband has a great narrative voice and he read the whole book to us. Slower that way but we both got to enjoy it. I will be writing a review but it will probably take a few days. Just bravo my friend. Hugs to you and Valerie. Please tell your beta reader she did an incredible job. Love to you both. ❤️💕🤗Joni and Scott PS you have an amazing imagination Stuart.

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        1. Wow, Joni! Your kind words mean a lot to me. Thank you. Please let me know when the review is posted, as I’d like to mention it on my website, if that’s okay?
          This part of the forest is quite ‘young’ in comparison with the rest, but it’s wonderful to see sapplings of the hardier varieties now beginning to grow. It’ll be quite a different place in around twenty years; I hope I’ll still be walking there to see it happen!

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          1. I have the funniest feeling you will both be. You are welcome by the way, well deserved compliments, my husband loved the book and thought everything about how you wrapped up the ending was brilliant. I am curious now if your other female characters are so strong and brilliant. I take that as an incredible compliment to your wife actually. Of course I will let you know when I submit it but they say it can take days but I have found that it usually only takes two. You two have a great evening and hopefully you will have some sunshine for your walk tomorrow. By the way I did have the flu, still do. Much better however, just getting lots of rest. Hugs to you both, Joni

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            1. Thanks, Joni. I’m told by readers that my female characters are generally strong and credible: I guess I allow my feminine side to rule when I’m writing them! I’ve always been happier with female company, which is just as well since my employment put me in charge of teams of women for many years.
              Glad it was ‘just’ the flu, and hope you’re fully recovered soon.


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