Today’s Pictures: 16 Nov 20

Intense autumn colours in the Forest of Dean

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Looking toward Lindos on Rhodes. Taken October 2017.

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8 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 16 Nov 20

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  2. Hi Stuart your photography is beautiful. Your forest is spectacular. I love the crisp colors in the gorgeous Lindos on Rhodes photograph. By the way I couldn’t get away with reading your book by myself Scott would have nothing to do with that. Luce is an amazing and extremely interesting character. She is inflicting her punishment on Randal right now and how brilliant is that! Randal really messed up. I love what an intellectual she is and how she is taking out her revenge. We are both enjoying it so much. We should be finished tonight. Another romantic, am I right, gotta be. One of the things I love about the book is how well, as an author, you obviously understand woman. I see a little of myself in Luce, anyway so well written. You guys be safe. We have been very safe yet I have been ill for seven days now and we both just got tested. I went to the grocery store but distanced and wore a mask but a lot of people were walking around with their noses out of their masks. Anyway I could just have a bad flu so please be very careful. You and Valerie be very careful. Love to you both. 🤗💕🦋

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    1. Glad you’re enjoying The Methuselah Strain as a couple, Joni.
      I hope you’re safe and well. As Lynette says, hopefully it’s just a cold or ‘flu. But, whatever it is, you concentrate on getting well again as soon as possible.


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