Coping in a Time of Covid. A #Poem

Picture from Masum Ali via Pixabay

Coping in a Time of Covid.

Strange and sometimes frightening times
How do we respond react survive cope
when so much is unknown
so much more conjectured often falsely
Experts juggle with facts
constantly changing as
research experience experiments
combine to form new truths
Leaders with supporters colleagues advisors
are overeager to display their skills
in managing a phenomenon
still evolving and mutating
Conspiracy theorists are
anxious to spread personal fears
diluting them by extending
unproven speculation far and wide
The reality is that no one knows
We have invited the alien beast
into our domain never
questioning the consequences
of greed and need for something new
Now we must all deal with
what others have released into
communities ill-fitted for monsters
If truth is known other monsters
have dwelt ever with us
Do we now accept our fate
pray to some created deity
for ease and deliverance
rage against the injustice
of random death visited
on loved ones buried alone
obey new rules perhaps installed
for the protection of more than merely us
act out our fantasies of exclusion
from a risk greater to others than us
give in to despair
rise above the crisis
live like these days are our last
accept no government god
expert punter scientist prophet
has the answers yet
Or do we simply try to survive
another day each time that
finds us waking in the world
Our response is self-determined
as we choose who we believe
after selecting all those facts
that suit our own assessment
of reality as it applies to Covid
To some the new Black Death
and to others just the first of many
thousand still unknown
infections waiting to invade us

9 thoughts on “Coping in a Time of Covid. A #Poem

  1. Well Stuart you hit the nail on the head about all the information floating about and who on earth to believe. I won’t allow myself to live in fear but I sure feel badly for those alone right now. These are some truly crazy times. Well done my friend. Hugs and love to you both. Love ❤️🤗💕Joni

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    1. Thank you, Joni. Such words mean so much more when they come from a gifted poet like you.
      I wanted to try to get acorss the confusion, inaccuracies, and downright lies that are floating around the whole of the Covid situation, the frustration and the anxiety of it all.

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      1. Well thank you for the gracious compliment my friend. I thought your poem was spot on and very well written my friend. You are so
        right none of us know what to believe. We are within the top ten States that are supposedly having more cases than ever here in NC. Maybe you will write more often. Love to y’all 🤗💕❤️Joni

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        1. You and Scott keep safe and stay well, Joni. That sounds like a dangerous environment you’re in.
          Although photography was my first career, I started writing decades ago, as I’ve always enjoyed telling stories. When we returned from our holiday on Kos, I decided I’d concentrate on the posts from that visit before starting anything new. I delve into poetry occasionally, mostly when I feel a protest coming on! But I’m going to post one of my short stories here shortly; one from a collection I published a while ago.

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  2. Yes, you have certainly nailed all the “high points” of this pandemic. While I see the benefits to our environment, I am also angry that it has come to this. And people still keep trying to pretend like it doesn’t exist!

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    1. There are always deniers, Lynette. It’s the same mindset that refuses to believe in climate change. Usually driven by a combination of fear and ignorance, or a refusal to accept the reality because it doesn’t chime with their beliefs and/or hopes.

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  3. Tony Cato

    Any time out to think, ponder, intellectually digest fruitful words is probably a little ‘win’ in this crisis.

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