Today’s Picture: 14 Oct 20

Reflected oak.

Another shot from our walk around Cannop Ponds for your delight.

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10 thoughts on “Today’s Picture: 14 Oct 20

  1. Stuart I just love this photograph. What a beauty of a tree. Perfect weather for it too. The reflection is so pretty. Hope you are having a tremendous day with your beautiful wife. Sending you both my love. 🤗💕❤️Joni

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    1. Thanks, Joni. I almost missed this shot, as it’s on the very edge of the lake and previous rain had slightly flooded the path, causing a detour for most. But I spotted this through the smaller trees and splodged across the boggy ground to capture it. Glad it was worth the effort!

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      1. It most definitely was my friend. I just love trees and trees with their images displayed perfectly in calm waters are doubly stunning shots.
        It is weird Stuart I was not getting notified in my reader of your posts. I was about to contact Lynette when I decided to go into your site. I had missed like at least four post. We just installed a VPN to our electronics and things have been off. I was worried about you and your wife. So glad it was just my computer I guess as I see messages from you this morning. Yea!!!!! ❤️to you both. Joni

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        1. I had missed your comments, Joni. But I assumed there was some odd cause. Tech, eh? We can’t do without it, but it can be a real pain at times! Glad you’re back to nromal with it now. Keep well and take care.

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