Today’s Picture: 31 Aug 20

Sunny intervals brighten the path on a walk through the Forest of Dean.

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10 thoughts on “Today’s Picture: 31 Aug 20

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    1. It’s quite diferent from our last visit, Lynette, when it had recently been in use by the Forestry Commission to do some logging. Much quieter and really rather serene now.

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    1. It is rather lovely, isn’t it, LaDonna? And so peaceful. We met only a mum and son with their dogs, and they were considerate, socially distancing when we crossed paths. Otherwise, we saw no one.

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    1. It’s a path we haven’t used for over four years, Joni. We took a longer walk than usual yesterday, rediscovering tracks we’ve neglected for a while and forming a circular walk. It was lovely. This particlar section starts as a wide ‘road’ made by the Forestry Commission for access when logging, but it’s been unused for a long time and allowed to become overgrown, so it’s now used mainly by dog walkers. It never fails to amaze me how few local people take advantage of this wonderful place right on our doorstep. But we’re bot glad we have the chance to walk in utter peace!
      Enjoy your day, Joni.


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