Today’s Pictures: 21 July 20

Sunlight dapples the track in the Forest of Dean

If you’re stuck indoors and can’t get out to enjoy nature at present, this series is for you. I’m trying to brighten the days by posting pictures of natural beauty.

Mediterranean sunshine on the rocky walk from Lindos to Pefkos on Rhodes. Taken September 2017.

If you’re fortunate enough not to be confined to your four walls, perhaps you’ll do what you can to share this widely, so others can enjoy it? Thank you.

11 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 21 July 20

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    1. We’re so lucky to live here, Lynette. Five years since we arrived, and we still find new scenes even quite close to home. The forest is a constant source of wonder and serenity.
      Rhodes is a lovely holiday destination. Good food, guaranteed sunshine, friendly locals, and great food!

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      1. We are fortunate in our home in the Okanagan, as well. There is so much to see and enjoy.
        I wonder about being able to travel internationally again. I have been planning a retirement trip to NZ (in two years’ time) but that might not be happening. Then I remind myself of all the great destinations we have here, and how important it is to just enjoy our health.

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        1. Yes, it’s too easy to neglect places close to home, Lynette. But it’s also mind expanding to travel overseas, where we learn that people the world over are more alioke than different, eh?
          Our daughter was due to marry here this September, but she and her fiance can’t leave Australia at present. It’s looking as though the wedding might be in Australia, which means we’ll be making the trip there. If we do, we’ll hopefully visit NZ as well; seems silly to travel halfway round the world and not see as much as possible!
          Hope you get your retirement trip.

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          1. Agreed! Do you have concerns about being able to enter Australia or NZ? Our border is closed and it’s starting look like it will have to stay that way for at least another few months.


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