Today’s Pictures: 19 July 20

This old tree has collapsed across the path we used for this morning’s walk. It forms a full arch, but I liked the compostion of this shot where the slope of the fallen tree matches the slope of the hill.

Stuck indoors and can’t get out to enjoy nature at present? This series is for you. I’m trying to brighten the days by posting pictures of natural beauty.

In contrast, here’s a picture of a walk we took while in Crete in July 2011.

If you’re not one of those confined to four walls, please do what you can to share this widely, so others can enjoy it. Thank you.

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            1. Our local hairdresser, Lou, had everything set up as Covid safe. We were the only clients for the time it took, and plenty of protective gear available.
              Rapunzel, eh? Make sure no unscrupulous chancer climbs those locks!

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