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Today’s Pictures: 20 June 20

A water lily on the fishing pond.

Trying to brighten the day for those people isolated indoors during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We visited the fishing pond again today, to see the state of the water lilies after the heavy rain of the past days. Unfortunately, they are at a phase where the new growth of leaves has shrouded many of the blooms, so the display is not so good this year.

The display this year is a little overwhelmed by the growth of new leaves.
As a contrast to our green walks, this one is from a walk we made from Pefkos to Lindos on Rhodes in September 2017. That was a hot day!

If you get pleasure from this, please share it, so others can enjoy it, too. Thank you.

11 Responses to “Today’s Pictures: 20 June 20”

  1. jonicaggiano

    Yea, they finally bloomed. I blew up the photograph Stuart and I could really see all the blooms, just beautiful. How lovely it is my friend. I like the picture of your lone tree as well with the contrasting desert. Hope you are well my friend. Sending you and your family love and blessings. Joni

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    • stuartaken

      Thank you, Joni. The first time I saw this display, the blooms formed a beautiful speckled pattern among the floating leaves, almost a carpet across the surface of the water.
      We came across the sheep taking shelter from the sun on our walk on the island. Temperatures in the high 30c, so a bit of a contrast! It was a lovely walk, though.

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      • jonicaggiano

        You are welcome Stuart. I was so excited to see the pictures and imagined you and your loved one walking there. I love water lilies and like to imagine fairies lying about on top of them visiting with one another. Your photographs were beautiful. I bet the sheep with all the green and the sun shining was quite the picture of beauty as well. Please take good care of yourself and your loved ones and looking forward to seeing your next post. 🌸🌺❤️Love Joni

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    • stuartaken

      First time we went to Rhodes, resteless-roots, was on my 40th birthday. As we were ascending the long run of steps leading to the Acropolis at Lindos, we came upon a temperature guage in the shade of an olive tree. It measured 107F. I aksed Valerie if it was hot enough for her. ‘It’s getting there’ was her reply. My wife is a ‘fur coat in the Sahara’ person when it comes to temperature!



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