That Moment of Epiphany.

Yesterday, I spent around 40 minutes talking to a stranger online. It changed my attitude. It changed my life.

I had what Gabriela Blandy calls ‘an Extraordinary Conversation’ with her, online.

Gabriela is a writer’s coach, among many other things. The experience was good right from the start. This is a woman who understands how to listen, how to create the best questions to discover what is causing barriers to an individual’s progress and success.

My own problem lay with an almost pathological aversion to marketing and promoting my work. As an author, that’s quite a disadvantage. I explained what had caused this attitude in me, but I won’t bore you with details here, except to say I had some very unpleasant experiences involved with working in sales.

Gabriela asked me questions aimed at identifying what I really wanted from my writing. She’s skilled in this and has a gentle but firm manner that prevents diversionary attempts. She managed to keep me to the point, which is no easy task.

Having identified the nature of my barrier, and helped me understand how it is self-sabotaging, she asked me other questions aimed at making me face my realities. Again, she was gently firm in her probing, refusing to allow me to wriggle from the nub of the matter. In the process, she found a way to make me see there are other ways to view the aspect of writing I most dislike. Ways acceptable to me. Ways I can embrace and even enjoy.

She helped me set specific and practical aims, aiding me to formulate the potential outcomes of activity around the marketing and promoting of my books.

I was suddenly clear about how I could do this work and ignore those aspects that most formed my personal barriers. It was a true moment of epiphany and her delight in this result was clearly as great as mine, though I’m sure she wasn’t as surprised as me; she understands how to solve such problems and has clearly had many other successful outcomes.

I’ve now produced a poster for myself, detailing the why, when and how of my new approach. I’m not expecting instant results. But I will now be working toward an aim of getting many more readers for my writing. After all, readers have told me my work is well worth reading.

The gate I’d placed across the road to success is now open, the key to unlock it provided by Gabriela. And that’s why I’m posting this piece. She’s undoubtedly helped me, and at no cost to myself. She asked for nothing in return, but real gratitude makes me want to let others know of this brilliant, caring, helpful coach, so they may also benefit from her advice.

I came across Gabriela Blandy through LinkedIn, where I have a good number of contacts. She offered a one-to-one chat; an ‘Extraordinary Conversation’. Like most of us these days, I was cynical. What would she try to sell me? How much would this ‘free’ interview cost? Even here in the UK, we’re now infected by the USA’s attitude of ‘buyer beware’ because rampant, unregulated capitalism has soured our relationship with those who offer goods and services.

As you can see by my experience, Gabriela is a genuine coach working in the position so she can help writers. Of course, she offers other services, for which a reasonable charge is made. But the initial interview is, as advertised, free. Any writer struggling with an aspect of their work will gain from talking to Gabriela about it. Have a go.

I include links to her website, her LinkedIn profile and her YouTube feed here.

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  1. Stuart that is so wonderful to hear. What a blessing for you, Stuart. I am so delighted to hear it. I understand what you talked about in terms of the USA’s attitude of ‘buyer beware’ and you are right unfortunately. However Gabriela Blandy sounds amazing and what a lovely thing to hear that you feel you were helped in such a caring and wonderful way. I will certainly join her website and thank you for the information. Love, hugs and blessings coming your way my friend. Love Joni

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    1. Thanks, Joni. It’s an amazing experience to be told something life-altering, especially at my age. Now, all I have to do is set the process of realisation of the dream in progress! But I’m on the way.

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      1. How delightful Stuart. We are never too old. I tell myself that on a regular basis. I have no doubt that you will achieve your dream. You are a very gifted man and you share that gift every time you post and we (the community) are the benefactors. May God bless all your endeavors my kind friend. Sending the fragrance of roses and honeysuckle in the air towards the UK and you. Love and hugs Joni

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        1. Thanks, Joni. I can smell the roses, and there’s honeysuckle on the trellis in our garden as well as growing wild in the forest.
          One thing I developed early in life was a love of telling stories – having won a trophy for writing an imaginitive essay at the age of 14 at school, I was told by my English teacher that I should continue to use my imagination. It never occurred to me I could actually be a writer. In my late 20s, I entered a national radio drama contest and my play was placed 3rd and broadcast by our national radio BBC Radio 4. The winner was Willie Russell (Educating Rita, Blood Brothers, etc), 2nd place was taken by Shirley Gee (married to actor Donald Gee at the time). So my 3rd place seemed like an achievement. It was my introduction to writing fiction, but it was a few more years before life gave me a chance to indulge further.
          I’ve always felt the writing community is a supportive one and sharing seems a natural part of that.
          Thank you for your kind words. They are much appreciated.

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          1. Wow, well that is an accomplishment you should still be proud of, and at such a young age too. I would say you were in so amazing company and so were they. I am glad you agree with me about the supportive writing community. Love Joni

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            1. I’ve met and know a lot of writers, both face to face and online. Only rarely have I been disappointed by any of them. There are, as in any field, just a few who think themselves superior. But the vast majority are modest, helpful, caring and dedicated. It’s a great company to be involved with, Joni, and I’m proud to be one of that particular group.

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              1. I feel the same way. People are caring and compassionate and extremely supportive in the community. I hope you have a truly blessed weekend Stuart. It is a blessing for me to know you as well. Love 💕 Joni

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