Daily Forest Walk Picture 17.04.20

Continuing to spread some light and pleasure to those confined by the current crisis. See post 1, here, for an explanation.

This is the 14th post.

Today, rain was forecast. We haven’t had rain for some weeks, following a winter where it hardly stopped raining! We took our walk early and returned before the gentle droplets fell. It was the sort of rain we need, in the sense that it will be absorbed rather than simply run off the hard ground. My pictures today were, as a result, not the brightest or most colourful, but they retain a sense of the day, I hope.

Haiku 6

Evergreens line the slope
shading ground beneath their boughs
young shoots strive for life

Keep safe and well, everyone!

And this pic shows a meeting of ways, with the trees now wearing their early spring foliage. After today’s rain, we’ll soon be under a well-covered canopy.

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